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The Ultimate Cabinet for ANY Switch Model

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N-Series TeraFrame Network Gen 3 Cabinet - NF1U-114C-E62-1P_CABLED_PANLOFF_RGB72.jpgA customer recently asked us: “What cabinet would you recommend for the Cisco 7718 switch?" 

Sam Rodriguez, Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) product manager of Cabinet and Thermal Management Systems answers: “There are many Cisco models in use today, including legacy and current models with varying airflow and clearance requirements. CPI’s N-Series TeraFrame® Gen 3 Network Cabinet was engineered to be the architecture to address these variations with minimal impact.”

“It is a universal solution that does not require you to know which switch will be used in order to specify side airflow, and it can support multiple switches or different switches stacked in the same cabinet,” he adds. 

The N-Series TeraFrame has a unique frame design with dual front-to-rear supports, creating a central space for rack-mount equipment with extra spaces along both sides of equipment for managing large quantities of cables that are typical in network cabinets.

Other main features include:

  • Complete separation of hot and cold air within the cabinet supports optimal data center aisle containment strategy
  • Highly flexible side intake duct can be adjusted to accommodate a range of switch sizes and manufacturers on-site
  • Allows for different size devices to be deployed simultaneously in the same cabinet without additional accessory kits
  • Pre-configurations for front-to-rear, front-to-top, side-to-rear or side-to-top airflow available
  • Vertical Exhaust Duct option available
  • Dual slides provide maximum flexibility for mounting and positioning vertical cable management accessories

To learn more about all other features of this ultimate network cabinet, go here.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Posted by Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist at 03/09/2015 01:09:30 PM

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