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Customize Your Product Selection with CPI’s Intuitive Product Configurator

April 14, 2015

TelecityGroup Uses F-Series TeraFrame

Chatsworth Products (CPI) is motivated to delight our customers by rapidly responding to their custom needs.

CPI’s intuitive Product Configurator allows users to create standard or custom products and systems, based on their own requirements. 

Save time by quickly making your selection from CPI Open Racks, Cabinet or Enclosures, Wall-Mount Systems or Power Distribution Units (PDU). Configure them based on your required:

  • Height
  • Width
  • Color
  • Cable managers 
  • Accessories, and more 
Once built, the Configurator presents a total list price, rendered drawings and offers a selection of distributors or global resellers.
Most configurations include a bill of material, parts list, product documentation, a rendered image and line drawings in PDF and DXF formats. 


If you like to include accessories in your cabinets, you can take advantage of our product configurator. To save time and money, for instance, you can order your favorite cabinet with power preinstalled and get one part number for easy ordering. You can also include cable managers and cable pathway products to your selection.

Use our Product Configurator to take advantage of CPI’s customization service.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

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