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CUBE-iT PLUS® Wall-Mount Cabinet: An Ideal Solution for Busy Areas

April 04, 2016

Online_Catalog-CUBE-itIdeal for use in telecommunications rooms and busy places where there is little floor space, CUBE-iT PLUS® Wall-Mount Cabinet secures and protects communications equipment for a cross connect or consolidation point, while providing exceptional strength and rigidity. CUBE-iT PLUS is ideal for retail, education and health care industries, where traffic is high and equipment safety is a concern.

CUBE-iT PLUS Cabinet is a wall-mounted, swing-out cabinet that secures and protects equipment mounted to vertical mounting rails inside the cabinet body. The cabinet can be attached to swing open from the right or left. The open and close motion is smooth, and the hasp used to secure the cabinet body to the rear panel assists in drawing the body components together during the locking action. 

Other features include:

  • A rear panel for terminating cable is pre-punched along the top and bottom with conduit knockouts, allowing communications and power cables to be securely routed into the cabinet.
  • The main cabinet body includes a pair of adjustable depth 19" EIA threaded equipment mounting rails that can be used to support interconnect equipment and/or active components.
  • The sides of the cabinet body are vented and accept an accessory fan and filter kits to improve airflow.
  • Available in stock for quick purchasing.

For a complete solution, also consider:


  • Attaches over the vents in the side of the Cube-iT PLUS Cabinet.
  • Draws air into the cabinet, pressurizing the cabinet and forcing warm air out of the side vents.

CUBE-iT PLUS Fan Filter Kit

  • Fan Filter Kit reduces dust and can be mounted internally for security or externally for convenience.

CUBE-iT Plus Power Strip

  • Strips feature thermal circuit breakers and optional surge protection. Both features are critical with unconditioned line power.

Corner Cushions

  • Adhere foam Corner Cushions to cover the exposed leading edges of racks for added protection from occasional "bumps."

Don’t forget to take advantage of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) eRate program, which makes billions of dollars available for internal connections and WI-Fi infrastructure in U.S. grades K-12 and public libraries. CPI CUBE-iT Plus is a perfect solution for these environments. 

Extending your network? Protect your telecommunications equipment, even in busy places.  For more information and to order, please visit the CPI Online Catalog, and find one of our distributor partner locations. 

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

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