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Team CPI Shanghai Shares in the Excitement of the Beijing Olympics

August 29, 2008

The United States and China brought home more medals at this year’s Olympic competition than any other country, with the U.S. earning a total of 110 and China earning 100. Members of CPI’s representative office, located in Pudong (Shanghai), China enjoyed the festivities of the Beijing Olympics as they closely watched both countries “bring home the gold”.

Frank Zheng, CPI’s Regional Manager for China, made this interesting analogy with the Olympics, “With the China team winning the race for gold medals and the U.S. team running a close second, our customers are also able to “bring home the gold” by specifying and using CPI products that help them lower the total cost of ownership of IT rooms, particularly cooling and power costs in data centers.”

Though the games have come to an end, CPI’s China team continues to pursue excellence daily as they meet the need of our customers in Asia. Our team includes:

  • Garry Yan, Area Sales Director, Asia Pacific
  • Frank Zheng, Regional Manager, China
  • Evelyn Tang, Office Manager
  • Michael Zhang, Technical Support Manager, Asia Pacific

Customers located in the Asia Pacific region can rely on CPI to deliver the same quality products and solutions available to our customers in the U.S. Additionally, in-country manufacturing enables us to meet needs quickly and efficiently.

CPI Passive Cooling® Solutions, has proven to be a popular solution in the U.S. for managing heat in the data center. It promises to be just as vital in China as new data centers are built. CPI recognized the problem of increasing density requirements and energy consumption, and designed a thermal management solution that uses passive technologies to maximize airflow to cool equipment in the data center without the need for additional CRAC units, in-row air conditioners or risky liquid cooling solutions. This innovative technology reduces energy costs up to 40% and increases overall energy efficiency, which minimizes environmental impact, making it the Simply Efficient™ choice.

Our international customers may purchase CPI products through our international distributors. We also encourage all of our customers to take advantage of services such as free room layouts, the Product Configurator, CFD modeling and more. To find out more about our services please call our Shanghai office at: +86 21 6880 0266 or email our Technical Support Team. Our office is located at:

Room 2109, South Tower
528 South Pudong Road
Pudong, Shanghai
China 200120

The 2008 Summer Olympics may have come to an end, but the CPI team in China continues to work together to give our customers winning products and solutions.

CPI China Team

Michael, Evelyn, Frank, Garry at the Data Center Dynamics Show
in Shanghai in May 2008.

Kim Ream, eMarketing Designer

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