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The Evolution of Evolution Cable Management

August 05, 2010

Evolution Cable ManagementWhen it comes to a discussion on the necessity of larger, heavier cabling in today’s data centers, let’s cut to the chase and lay it on thick – we’re talking Cat 6a UTP thick. These days, it’s imperative to maintain the integrity of higher density cabling, and just as the need for such cabling increases, so too does CPI’s ability to handle larger diameters and densities.

New Combination Version Available
Living up to its name, CPI Evolution™ Cable Management is breaking the mold yet again and bolstering its highly versatile and innovative cable management capabilities. Now, the popular product line will feature a combination vertical cable manager with T-shaped cable guides in the front and removable, C-shaped cable rings for managing large, high-density cable bundles in the back. Easily applied to open two- and four-post CPI Rack Systems, this front-to-back coverage ensures your cabling, whether large or small, will be securely housed and routed for maximum performance and peace of mind – thanks in part to CPI’s sturdy, solid construction along with useful rounded edges to help manage, protect and preserve your premise cables, patch cords, jumper cords and more.

Evolution Cable ManagersYou’ll also have the option of three styles of Evolution Vertical Cable Managers: the Evolution g1 Single-Sided Manager, the Evolution g2 Double-Sided Manager with Movable Mid-Section, and the Evolution g3 Combination Manager. All three styles are available in a variety of sizes and include an attractive contoured front door that opens to either the right or left, while our single-sided horizontal manager includes an easy-to-apply snap-on cover, allowing you to manage above and below patch panels and network switches to organize and store cables.

To learn more about CPI Evolution Cable Management, and to work out the kinks in your current set-up, simply click here for more product information. Jeff Cihocki, eContent Specialist

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