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Breaking Down CPI's Seismic Rating Guidelines and Standards

August 15, 2011

Based out of the seismically-active region of Southern California, Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) understands the value and importance of true seismic protection for IT equipment and infrastructure. As witnessed by the devastation in Japan earlier this year, an earthquake's unpredictability and sheer force can cripple cities, communities and companies alike. Yet in the aftermath of this natural disaster, many of the nation's data centers made it through the onslaught more or less unscathed. Why? Preparation. How? Stringent building guidelines and IT infrastructure reinforcement. Two things that CPI adheres to very, very well.

To start with, Chatsworth Products holds itself to not just one industry-recognized standard, and not just the most general either. Our seismically-rated racks and cabinets all undergo a variety of testing and accreditation by a number of well-respected governing bodies, including the International Building Code, ICC-ES-AC156 standards and perhaps the most rigorous, GR-63-CORE seismic testing. Here's a quick video of an actual GR-63-CORE test in process.

True to our pursuit of only the highest quality products, we contracted withSouthwest Research Institute®to compare various international seismic tests for CPI to determine that our GR-63-CORE testing was as good or better than other seismic requirements for maximum ground response. Southwest Research Institute performed simulated ICC-ES-AC156 testing for 5 locations; Los Angeles, San Fernando, Seattle, San Francisco and Anchorage. The results solidify the fact that we hold ourselves to the highest standards possible, as GR-63-CORE was found to be a more stringent test.

These tests are especially helpful when considering CPI's Seismic Frame® Two-Post Rack. A welded-steel network equipment rack, the Seismic Frame Two-Post also meets the industry-recognized Telcorida® Technologies, Inc. GR-63-CORE Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS) Zone 4 requirements with a 1,000 lb (453 kg) load rating. This makes the Seismic Frame Two-Post ideal for resisting the swaying motion caused by earthquakes to reduce the amount of vibration transferred through the rack to equipment. Check out the video below for even more info on this product.
Of course, even the best seismic protection equipment requires the right kind of preparation. Here at CPI, we're happy to help determine your needs based on location, budget and customization requests.Contact our Technical Support teamto learn more.Alan Taft, Senior Product Manager 
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