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White Paper: Keep Power Flowing Effectively in High-Heat Environments

August 29, 2014

Operating Temperatures Chart

Data Center power consumption continues to rise. The need to provide redundant power systems with high reliability and availability of compute resources is a major driving force for the increase in power utilization. 

As an added challenge, increased virtualization and use of high-density devices, such as blades and switches require a lot of power. 

One way to be more energy efficient and mitigate the ever-increasing power consumption costs, is to implement an effective airflow management strategy such as CPI Passive Cooling® Solutions. 

However, when airflow containment is utilized, the temperature in the rear of the cabinet or in the hot aisle also becomes significantly higher. 

Because power distribution units (PDUs) reside in the rear of the cabinets, the hottest place in a data center, it’s crucial to deploy a PDU capable of handling such high heat.

The latest white paper by Chatsworth Products (CPI), “Selecting Rack-Mount Power Distribution Units for High-Efficiency Data Centers,” describes the importance of selecting a PDU designed for high-heat environments and which features to look for when deploying power in the cabinet.

Download it now.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

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