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RMR® Sealing Solutions Ensure NEMA and IP Protection on Cable Entry Points

August 02, 2017


Roxtec SealPartnering with an experienced enclosure manufacturer allows you to reap many benefits. One of those benefits is having confidence that your electrical equipment is well-protected. This stems from the knowledge that an experienced manufacturer—like Chatsworth Products (CPI)—can address many challenging aspects of supporting and protecting your electrical equipment in harsh environments. 

CPI’s RMR® Industrial Enclosures not only provide reliable equipment protection, but also optimize the environment inside of the enclosure with thermal management options and NEMA-rated sealing accessories for cable entry point. 

If not properly sealed, cable openings become the gate to contaminants, dust and liquid, which can create buildups and cause rapid equipment failure. 

RMR Industrial Enclosures feature Roxtec technology to ensure your cabinet meets NEMA and IP requirements. 

Sealing products include:

RMR Enclosure ComSeal™ Grommet

Designed to maintain NEMA Type 12 and IP 55 ratings, ComSeal™ Grommet is equipped with adaptable sealing modules that tightly fit around each cable. ComSeal uses Roxtec Multidiameter technology, which allows one module to seal around cables with different diameters, and is retrofit-friendly, providing an optimum sealing solution for any application.

The seals can be attached to either the inside or the outside of an enclosure, thus compensating for interfering equipment in cramped spaces, and making installation easy. See it in action.

RMR Enclosure Gland Seal

The Gland Seal combines the traditional gland technique with an adaptable sealing module at the center for flexibility and adaptability. The compact design makes it well suited for small areas. It can seal between one to nine cables.

RMR EPDM Snap-In Liquid Tight Grommet

For a simple solution to keep liquids from leaking through cable openings, consider the easy-to-install Snap-in Liquid Tight Grommet. It accepts any cable width.

For details on these specialized sealing solutions, visit the website.

Raissa Carey, Technical Writer
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