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Webinar: How Did Anthem, Inc. Transform Their Legacy Data Center into a Model of Efficiency? Find Out.

August 02, 2018

Mission Critical and CPI Anthem, Inc. 2018 WebinarJoin Mission Critical and CPI expert, John Thompson (BICSI-certified RCDD) during a free webinar on Aug. 23 at 1 p.m. CST to find out how Anthem Health, Inc. overcame tough challenges as they migrated their legacy data centers from open air to contained spaces. Anthem Health's new strategy includes both aisle and cabinet-level containment solutions. 

By attending, you'll have the opportunity to see the benefits of this approach through a comparison of actual operational costs of the chiller plant and cooling associated with their legacy design and the new design that leverages variable frequency drives (VFD) computer room air handler (CRAH).

Walk away with learning around:

  • The importance of data center containment in lowering operational cooling costs while increasing cooling efficiencies
  • The best approach to retrofitting and transforming a legacy, open-air data center into an easier to manage, contained data center space without spending more than you already are spending
  • How CFD modeling can help assist in creating an optimized installation based on better airflow, maximized network equipment performance and elimination of wasteful power usage and cooling techniques
  • The value of strong partnerships, and the importance they play in a successful outcome

Register today to find out how you can leverage containment in your data center to decrease operational costs and increase efficiency.

Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist

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