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Celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas, Day 1: Universal Cable Runway

December 08, 2008

Celebrate the holidays with CPI’s “The 12 Days of Christmas Solutions” for your data center. Each topic will feature a unique solution to meet your data center needs.

On the 1st day of Christmas CPI Technical Support provided me…...  Universal Cable Runway.

Cable Runway Products support backbone and horizontal cables between the point of entry/exit into the telecommunications or equipment room and cross-connects on the rack or cabinet. These integrated cable pathway systems route cable within and outside of the equipment room, under access floors, and above acoustic ceilings.

Data centers house centralized computer processing and data storage equipment in multi-cabinet rows. Each cabinet can support up to 45 pieces of equipment and each piece of equipment may require two network connections. Generally, cables from each cabinet are consolidated through a series of network switches. Cable Runway attaches to the top of  to provide a pathway for network cables and can also be used to support fiber duct.

CPI Runway - Day 1

Cable runway is individually packaged to simplify shipping. Each box of runway is labeled with the part number and product description indicating color and width. Santa’s elves neatly stack runway in two or three columns, fully stretch-wrapped and banded to a pallet to eliminate movement during shipping.

Free up your time this busy holiday season. CPI Technical Support offers free layout services to help you configure your installation based on your equipment list and room dimensions. You will receive drawings and a Bill of Material to explain the proposal. Contact CPI Technical Support at or 1-800-834-4969.

Tom Bradley, RCDD; Technical Support Supervisor

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