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Celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas, Day 12: TeraFrame Cabinets

December 23, 2008

Celebrate the holidays with CPI’s “The 12 Days of Christmas Solutions” for your data center. Each topic will feature a unique solution to meet your data center needs.

On the 12th day of Christmas CPI Technical Support provided me ...

There is always someone on our holiday shopping list who requires the most effort in the selection of their gift. We spend hours trying to figure out what to get. A red sweater, a blue tie, whatever you pick out never seems to be the perfect gift. Most of the time, I settle these dilemmas with the purchase of a gift card. How can you go wrong with that? The person who came up with the idea of the gift card was brilliant. Allowing the recipient to receive their choice of goods or services of a specified value makes gift giving so much easier. Not to mention the benefit of the time and money you saved.

/uploadedImages/Blog/TeraFrame-Christmas.jpgLikewise, when selecting the server rack for your data center, CPI offers you The Simply Efficient Choice. CPI Passive Cooling® Solutions provide superior equipment cooling performance while reducing your data center cooling energy costs. CPI Passive Cooling is an innovative technique that allows you to control the flow of air through the cabinet space. CPI Passive Cooling Solutions provide 2-20+ kW of cooling without uncertain supplemental liquid or active cooling systems. Passive Cooling is a safe solution that allows you to reclaim control over airflow so cool air can be directed where it is needed, eliminating bypass and re-circulation of hot exhaust air.

To maximize effective cooling capacity of your cooling system, it is important to manage the airflow through, over and around equipment cabinets. Improving cooling effectiveness in the data center requires:

  • Eliminating hot spots
  • Increasing the amount of cold air entering the cabinet
  • Isolating hot air from the room

Equipped with CPI Passive Cooling Solutions, the F-Series TeraFrame Cabinet System provides Tier IV thermal management by using the cool air you have more effectively. Imagine the ability to personalize a cabinet to meet your specific data center needs. With three different widths, 12 heights, and 17 depths, choose from 612 standard sizes to configure your customized solution. Thermal and cable management accessories are available for all cabinet sizes and can be combined with the base cabinet into a custom-configured, factory assembled solution that fits your exact needs. Power management accessories are available for cabinets 42 RMU or taller. Personalize your cabinet’s options with the help of a CPI Technical Support Specialist or by using CPI’s online Product Configurator. John Trevino, Technical Support Representative

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