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CPI Cable Management Accessories Support Growing Demand for Fiber Optic Cables

December 08, 2015

Cable Management AccessoriesHaving a secure and reliable network connection in data centers and telecommunications rooms is a top concern among IT managers and Chief Information Officers. Time is money when troubleshooting a network issue. To mitigate downtime, an organized cable system is essential.

As the adoption of fiber optic cable increases, so does the demand for cable management solutions that are tailored to address the unique requirements of fiber optic cable. 

Chatsworth Products (CPI) offers a variety of cable management accessories to help you successfully sustain and grow your cabling capabilities. By streamlining the management of cables and cords, it’s easier to optimize the signal quality and network speed of your data system.

Here are some key accessories for your existing cabling infrastructure and some tips for future growth:  

  • Fiber Segregation Kit for Evolution Vertical Cable Manager - Creates a separate pathway for fiber cables and patch cords inside Evolution Vertical Managers. The number of kits allowed per manager depends on the position of the Movable Mid-Section in double-sided managers and the width of the vertical cable manager. 

  •  Channel-Mounted Distribution Ring - Designed to mount to the upright channels of CPI Universal Racks. Made of high-strength, fire-retardant material with rounded edges to prevent damage to cable and wire insulation, while providing easy pull-through. The open-design "C" rings allow for easy adds, moves and changes, eliminating the need to feed through cable. 

  • 2” (50 mm) Diameter Fiber Management Spools - Use the 2" (50 mm) Diameter Fiber Management Spool MCS, MCS-EFX, CCS, CCS-EFX and VCS cable managers to support fiber and copper cables. The spools meet EIA/TIA bend radius requirements for efficient data transmission. 

  • Saf-T-Grip® - Used to strap together free hanging computer cable for a tangle-free installation. Strap is held in place by a loop that adheres to one cable. Simply peel the hook and loop sides apart to remove strap. 

  • Rack Radius Drop and Rack Radius Drop for Vertical Cabling Section -  Provides a transition from a horizontal cable run onto a rack, while maintaining the recommended bend radius.

Horizontal vs. Vertical Cable Managers 

Vertical Cable Managers by CPI provide easy cable management solutions for a single rack or between two bayed racks. A variety of configurations is available to address your cabling needs. Doors are included with select models to create a visually appealing installation.  

CPI also offers several styles of horizontal rack-mounted managers with varying options of cable support. Horizontal Cable Managers are available in a variety of cable guide styles, including simple bars and trays as well as rings and fingers. 

Plan for the Future

When installing cables, it’s important to plan for future growth. As such, make sure there’s enough space to accommodate all cables now and into the future. Ideally, you should use 50 percent of the maximum fill value for your pathway products.

CPI has available an easy-to-use Cable Fill Table that lists recommended and maximum cable fill values for all of CPI’s cable management and cable pathway products. The table lists usable area for each cable manager and pathway product so you can calculate cable fill for various types of cable. You can access the table here

For more information on CPI’s cable management accessories, click here. For more information on cable management products, go here

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

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