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Did You Know? Three Lesser-Known Benefits of the Adjustable Cable Runway

December 05, 2016

Adjustable Cable Runway - 14300P_RADIUSDROP_DIVIDERS_GLACIER_WHITE.jpgWhen Chatsworth Products (CPI) introduced Adjustable Cable Runway earlier this year we knew its flexibility and high quality would make it a popular choice for contractors and installers. We were also pleased when the product received the Showstopper Award at NECA in October. However, in addition to its many popular features, such as its movable cross members and tool-less accessories, there are some lesser-known features. These include:

Superior load rating

The Adjustable Cable Runway carries a full load rating of 132 lb/ft (1196 kg/m) when the runway is supported every 5 ft (1.5 m).

Painting highlights quality and aesthetics

Unlike other products on the market, each component of the Adjustable Cable Runway is painted individually, so when the Cross Members are moved, there is no visible bare metal. This ensures a visually appealing installation any time there are moves, adds and changes.

Grounding accessory provides easy grounding

Order the Grounding Strap Kit when you need a grounded pathway between runway lengths. The ground strap includes bolt holes that are spaced to match the holes on Adjustable Cable Runway Stringers.

Adjustable Cable Runway is compatible with other CPI Runway products and supports a wide variety of Runway Accessories to create turns and transitions to avoid obstacles and provide an organized pathway for cables. Click here for more information.

Raissa Carey, Technical Writer 

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