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New Version of Power IQ® for eConnect® Provides Enhanced Data Center Analytics

December 20, 2016

CPI SoftwareChatsworth Products’ (CPI) Power IQ® (PIQ) for eConnect® software has been recently updated to include enhanced reporting and filtering options for simplified data center management and analytics.

Version 5.2 of PIQ for eConnect now includes these new features:

  • Enhanced cabinet failover report – Cabinet capacity report now includes a failover simulation attribute. Not only can users view the cabinet’s capacity, load and utilization, then sort to view which cabinets have the most or least available capacity; but they can also assign PDUs in the cabinet as failover pairs
  • Inbound trap filtering – Set your parameters to filter traps and review only the relevant information on a single PIQ screen. PIQ filters by device IP address or object identifier (OID) 
  • Outbound trap forwarding – PIQ now enables trap forwarding so higher-level of network management systems can be notified of critical traps
  • More robust email notification options – More granular options help users decide when events grant email notifications
  • Updates and security fixes – Bugs reported by customers were fixed and updated

Full Support for Secure Array™ IP Consolidation

Additionally, PIQ for eConnect provides full support of Secure Array™ IP consolidation technology. Through the primary PDU, PIQ proactively polls information from each PDU in the Secure Array and identifies the alternate PDU. In case of failure of the primary PDU, PIQ will obtain data in through the alternate PDU, then create a warning event and log the information.

CPI’s Secure Array IP Consolidation reduces costs and decreases installation time by allowing you to link up to 32 PDUs under a single IP address using standard Ethernet cables.  

Download version 5.2 of PIQ for eConnect to benefit from of all these enhanced features. For more information on PIQ for eConnect, go here.

Raissa Carey, Technical Writer

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