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Next Generation F-Series TeraFrame™ Cabinet Improves User Experience

February 06, 2009

The next generation F-Series TeraFrame™ Cabinet System has been enhanced to provide added features and benefits that help simplify equipment and accessory installation and use including:

  • Adjustable mounting rails slide front-to rear and allow the entire depth of the frame to be utilized, which results in additional usable space inside the cabinet and the ability to meet more equipment depth requirements.
  • Depth support markings help cabinet users better position the adjustable mounting rails both vertically and horizontally so that equipment can be mounted effortlessly and moves, adds and changes can be accomplished easily.
  • Drop-in stud/nut hardware allows accessories to be mounted and re-positioned by sliding front-to-rear within the cabinet space.
  • Light-weight side panels and doors can be detached and re-attached without difficulty when accessing equipment and cabling.
  • Top-mount slide feature permits any sized CPI Cable Runway and Tray Products to be attached to the cabinet, presenting greater flexibility and more options in cable pathway attachment configurations.


Not only does the F-Series TeraFrame offer an abundance of features and benefits, but also provides a scalable solution to meet future density requirements. The updated Server Top Panel, which is available for F-Series TeraFrame Cabinets 1050 mm and deeper, includes a large rectangular knockout at the rear of the panel so that the Vertical Exhaust Duct, a CPI Passive Cooling® Solution, can be added to isolate and remove hot exhaust air from the cabinet and support equipment heat loads up to 30 kW.

F-Series TeraFrame Cabinets with these enhancements will begin shipping from US CPI factories on Feb. 9, 2009. F-Series TeraFrame Cabinet part numbers will not change. Kim Ream, Sr. eCommerce Specialist

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