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International News: Baltic Data Center Implements Innovative Cooling

February 01, 2012

For Baltic Data Center of Lithuania, implementing an advanced thermal management system not only presented an opportunity to save money, it meant fulfilling a “social responsibility” to protect the environment. So says General Director of the Baltic Data Center, Saulius Markūnas, in a recent interview with Solutions Era newsletter, published by Fima, a system integrator in the Baltics and Belarus.

This two-pronged approach led Baltic Data Center to select the innovative data center cooling technique known as KyotoCooling®, which uses a rotary wheel condenser to cool data center air without a compressor, supported by a series of Chatsworth Products’ TeraFrame® Cabinet Enclosures.

As documented in the interview, which you can access here, CPI’s TeraFrame Cabinets include Vertical Exhaust Ducts, which isolate and re-route the exhaust heat from servers directly towards the KyotoCooling wheel, where it’s cooled and re-introduced into the data center environment.

The photo below, courtesy of Fima and the Solutions Era newsletter, includes a glimpse at how the CPI cabinet enclosures utilize low-profile Vertical Exhaust Ducts to filter exhaust heat up into the plenum and off to the KyotoCooling wheels located outside the installation.

CPI TeraFrame Cabinets feat. Vertical Exhaust Ducts

This process of hot air isolation, known as CPI Passive Cooling® Solutions, is itself a highly energy efficient (and standalone) method for data center cooling, exemplified by another leading European-based organisation, TelecityGroup. The CPI case study for TelecityGroup, which you can read here, reveals how additional CPI products helped this premium network-independent data center achieve 20 percent efficiency savings.

To learn how CPI can help maximize data center cooling efficiency in your installation, give us a call at 800-834-4969. Magnus Lundberg, Regional Sales Manager - Northern Europe and Jeff Cihocki, Global eContent Specialist 

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