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Hey Engineers, Thank You for Making a Difference in the World!

February 18, 2014

TelecityGroup Uses F-Series TeraFrame

February 16-22 is Engineers Week, a time to celebrate and recognize this meaningful profession. Let’s face it, if it were not for our dear engineers, we wouldn't live in the same world we live today. 

We have many great engineers here at Chatsworth Products (CPI), who truly keep the company on the right path to innovation. Thanks to their hard work and commitment to creativity and quality, CPI is able to develop and launch new products that positively affect the data center industry.

Here’s why CPI engineers deserve a special 'thank you' this week:

1. From CPI’s Research, Development and Training Center in Texas to our manufacturing plants around the globe, our engineers go the extra mile by studying and performing in-depth analyses of our customers’ needs to design a solution that will be effective for years to come.

2. They ensure our products are manufactured with the highest quality standards and follow regulatory specifications. 

3. Thanks to our talented team of design, manufacturing, application, electrical, thermal and quality engineers, CPI was able to introduce in 2006 the industry’s milestone, Passive Cooling® Solutions, which became a blueprint for optimal thermal management at the cabinet level. (This proved to be so effective, places like California have made data center airflow containment a statewide requirement.)

4. They still find time to write insightful white papers with ROI analyses and product information. (You can download our latest one, “Extend the Life of your Data Center,” here.)

5. They never stop learning about the industry, and they like to share their knowledge too. (Don’t miss CPI’s presentation on the latest advancements and money-saving opportunities in cabinet power distribution at Data Center World, April 28-May 2.)

6. Their commitment to innovation and excellence led CPI to receive numerous patents for its groundbreaking product designs, as well as multiple awards by prominent national organizations. 

7. And all this hard work pays off with the total satisfaction of our customers. (Our many case studies are proof of that.)

To all engineers across the globe, CPI thanks each and every one of you!

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

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