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RMR® Bollard
RMR® Bollards provide heavy-duty protection for small cell radio nodes, access points (APs), antennas and small switches located in outdoor and public spaces, where wireless coverage is most needed.

  • Outdoor Wireless Coverage – Fiberglass construction is virtually transparent to wireless signal
  • Universal Compatibility - Large enough for most vendors’ radio nodes or access points, dipole or panel antennas, outdoor-rated network switches, media converters and PoE injectors
  • Environmental Protection – Designed to meet NEMA Type 3R rating, protects equipment from tampering and weather 

Key Features:
  • Cylindrical fiberglass bollard protects nodes in outdoor public spaces
  • Fiberglass mast allows for mounting nodes and antennas, minimizing the effect on wireless signal
  • Designed for permanent AC line voltage or low-voltage installations
  • Supports up to 25 lb (11.4 kg) of equipment
  • Structural anchor base provides sturdy anchoring to concrete pads or slab. Utilize conduit for cable entry into base.
  • Available in 6 standard colors
  • Includes anchor base, equipment stand, hardware to fasten nodes and antennas, color-matched bolt cover and tamper-resistant hardware
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