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CPI Teamwork Ensures Critical Infrastructure Support During Pandemic

April 14, 2020

In moments like this, we can all attest to the feeling that everything is a bit more challenging than it was even a few weeks ago. "Business as usual" isn’t necessarily the case. Many jobs don’t look quite the same. The way we communicate to help our families, teams and selves stay connected suddenly requires a lot more effort.
And that’s precisely why it’s become even more important that Chatsworth Products (CPI) find new and inventive ways of delivering on our promise to “delight our customers.” That’s you. In an effort to make good on our promise, we’d like to share an example with you. 

The Need

Recently, CPI Regional Sales Managers, Jeff Lewis, received an urgent call from a customer who needed to quickly assemble a testing and quarantine space for those battling the coronavirus COVID-19. Lewis immediately reached out to CPI engineers and product management to inquire and find out if CPI could offer up solutions that could help. 

The Call for Action

Sam Rodriguez, Sr. Product Manager for RMR® Industrial Enclosures, identified an enclosure in our testing lab that could work to support the customer’s emergency call for an edge compute device install. Sam then worked directly with the customer to identify the exact needs, which included DX active cooling. The requirements were then passed along to CPI custom design and manufacturing teams to design parts and modify the enclosure.

Rising to the Challenge

CPI’s Georgetown, TX Plant Manager, Steve Allen, recognized the importance of addressing the call for action. Allen put the project high on his team’s list of priorities, and worked to find additional time in delivery schedules to accommodate the request. Steve’s team proceeded to create the needed parts to meet the specified application, and the complete product was ready to be shipped to the customer in swift fashion.

RMR Enclosure

Going Above and Beyond

Jeff Lewis then borrowed a truck (yes, you read that right!) and drove to the CPI facility in Georgetown to personally pick up the enclosure and deliver it to the customer’s site—the same day.

RMR Enclosure

The customer was then successfully able to complete the install of the enclosure and devices and ensure a critical need in the face of adversity was met.
RMR Enclosure

Continuing Our Committment to Delight You

In support of the fight to stop the spread of this virus, CPI worked hard to rise to the occasion by handling the customer’s needs in a timely manner. In doing so, we find ourselves especially grateful for the opportunity to “delight our customers” by going above and beyond to solve for and meet your challenges.

Whatever your need, CPI is here for you and your business. Please don't hesitate to contact us and stay safe. 

Posted by Steven Bornfield, Sr. Technology Consultant at 4/14/2020 5:05:50 AM
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