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Two New Alliances Offer Enhanced Power Monitoring and Control from the Data Center to the Edge

April 22, 2020

With most businesses transitioning to hybrid networks that include a mix of assets located in enterprise-owned sites and colocation facilities, as well as some managed services and cloud environments, simplified capacity planning and asset management have become essential. ​

In an effort to continually delight our customers, Chatsworth Products (CPI) not only makes it a priority to innovate solutions that help empower you to make better, faster decisions when it comes to simplifying operations, but we also seek out new alliances that help unlock additional and complementary operating potential as well.

On that note, CPI is pleased to announce two new alliances that do just that. Both of these alliances build upon the already robust power management, monitoring and control capabilites of CPI's intelligent eConnect® power distribution units (PDUs).

RF Code's CenterScape Platform + CPI eConnect PDUs Provides a Secure, Wire-Free Network for Monitoring Facility Conditions

CPI’s cabinet ecosystem approach brings cabinet support and eConnect PDUs together for an integrated solution that provides thermal management, power and environmental monitoring, and access control, which can then be pre-integrated with other third-party software solutions, including RF Code’s CenterScape, for enhanced reporting and data trending visualization.
Through CenterScape, facility and data center managers will be able to obtain PDU information to monitor conditions and power utilization at the rack and device level over a secure and private, radio-frequency, wire-free platform.
This combined solution provides:
  • Granular metrics: eConnect PDUs provide rack or device-level power measurements
  • Simplified load balancing: eConnect PDUs monitor phase balance in multi-phase power distribution
  • Plug-and-play configuration: RF Code’s power sensor automatically detects supported eConnect PDUs when connected to the PDU’s Ethernet port
  • Optimized capacity: the combined solution monitors use, allowing operators to know how much power capacity remains 
  • and more.
Read the full press release to find out how this integration can benefit your operation. 

ZPE Systems' Nodegrid® Platform + CPI eConnect PDUs Provides Out-of-Band Connection to Equipment in Remote, Unattended Sites

eConnect PDUs integration with ZPE Systems' open infrastructure management platform, Nodegrid®, delivers a unified solution that provides network and facility teams with out-of-band access for cabinet-level power, environmental and access control parameters, allowing these teams to build out an automation plan that helps create a self-sufficient, self-healing environment, particularly in edge sites.
Now, customers can monitor and collect outlet data, and execute scripts according to parameters to automate and self-heal network environments, giving them a 360-degree view of their networking sites, all from within a single, vendor-neutral infrastructure management solution. Through Nodegrid, eConnect PDUs gain application programming interface (API) ties and webhooks for additional automation, as well as indirect Command Line Interface (CLI) access to the PDU itself for additional extensibility.

To find out more about how this integration can support your business goals, read the full press release.
Posted by Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist at 4/22/2020 11:28:29 AM
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