A New Home on the Range: Oberon’s Website Takes Its Next Leap Forward

February 13, 2023

Happening this week, the Oberon Wireless website officially takes its place among Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) family of web properties, effective Monday, February 13. This digital transformation, years in the making, marks an important step forward in Oberon’s journey from leaders in wireless enclosures and mounts to providers of total, end-to-end wireless infrastructure solutions for any application in any venue. It’s the kind of evolution that signals Oberon’s ascent to an integral component in any fully-connected, truly integrated technology infrastructure ecosystem. 

But rest assured, while the URL is new (make sure you save and bookmark it! https://www.chatsworth.com/en-us/wireless-enclosures), you’re still going to get the same, great Oberon Wireless experience you’ve come to know and love in the past.  

OBERON_BLUE_NOTAG.jpgIn fact, here’s a quick recap of how to utilize all the same great tools and resources you’re used to, while also getting to take advantage of the new site’s functionality, support resources, product information and much more. Highlights include:  

Oberon Solutions Finder 

Just like before, and even easier to find right on the new homepage, use the Oberon Solutions Finder to quickly and easily find your ideal wireless access point (AP) mounts and enclosures to match your favorite AP vendors. 

Intuitive Navigation  

Whether you come to the site knowing exactly what you need or want to find, or you’re just browsing for inspiration on an upcoming project, you’ll be happy to know that using the new Oberon website means having the ability to easily navigate your preferred path to industry-specific solutions. 

This includes popular industry hubs for education and healthcare to emerging application spaces for outdoor wireless and smart cities. You can also prioritize your needs relative to the job you perform—architects, contractors, integrators and wireless managers all have a home (and webpages to call their own) on Oberon’s new website experience. 

Core Tools of the Trade 

Another huge benefit of Oberon’s new online experience is being able to utilize and more fully integrate with CPI’s vast library of digital tools. That means more Oberon products featuring more BIM Drawings, Master Format Specs and more, all right at your fingertips. 

Expert Training and Development  

Yet another benefit of utilizing CPI’s depth and breadth of resources, Oberon partners and customers can now enjoy more access to more training, development and continuing education credits (CEC) than ever. 

Products with a Purpose 

Finding products and accessories by purpose AND name is another key enhancement of the new Oberon website experience. While many of Oberon’s product line brand names have become mainstays in the industry (the award-winning Wi-Tile™ Ceiling Enclosures and patented NetPoint™ Wireless Bollards quickly come to mind), we’ve now streamlined new menus to match product use and application in a more meaningful manner – see for yourself!

And for you visual learners, take a look at this handy set of video tutorials that Oberon's Bree Murphy helped record, taking you on a virtual tour through many of the new site's sections, features and benefits:

Plus, get more helping hands standing by—Oberon customers are sure to enjoy the luxury of tapping into a wider network of customer service, technical support and other service-oriented offerings and people, all ready to resolve issues and make your job easier, whenever it’s needed.  

With so much “new,” we simply encourage you to take your time, click around and get to know Oberon Wireless on the web all over again. We promise the signal is excellent and your connection is strong! See you on the (new) web!

Posted by Angelique Pollock, Digital Content Specialist at 2/13/2023 11:36:39 AM
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