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Discrete Versus Design-Build Manufacturing: What’s the Difference and What’s the Gain for Hyperscalers?

January 07, 2021

Over the last decade, and especially today, as the demand for living a remotely-connected life has increased exponentially, companies have had to find new, innovative ways to support massive amounts of customers and customer data while also being able to rapidly scale market footprint. Enter “hyperscalers.”

To help meet this new demand, hyperscalers take a close look at the components of their data centers with the intention of finding ways to become more nimble and scalable. Instead of buying off-the-shelf, standard solutions that are dictated by the product manufacturer, hyperscalers, to a large extent, are driving and creating their own specifications designed to fit their unique needs.

Closely collaborating with manufacturers helps hyperscalers ensure project demands and schedules are met. But, when it comes to choosing the right manufacturer, what’s the real difference between discrete and design-build manufacturing? And what’s the benefit?

Discrete vs. Design-Build Manufacturing
While discrete manufacturers can manufacture a product according to any given specification, design-build manufacturers have the collaborative concept-to-production process engrained in their DNA. This enables a deeper understanding of customer needs and pain points.

Consider these further advantages of design-build over discrete:
  • Close interaction with customers who need custom solutions empowers design-build manufacturers to call upon real-world project applications and lessons learned
  • More first-hand experience means many design-build manufacturers are already experts in achieving or even improving upon design intent
  • Some manufacturers are also able to provide a kitted solution with preinstalled components to further streamline processes
  • Working with manufacturers that have perfected their design-build operations means they are better-suited to handle any critical, last-minute changes
To learn more about how collaborating with design-build manufacturers can empower hyperscale operators, read the full article in Data Center Frontier by Todd Schneider, Chatsworth Products (CPI) Director of Product Management and Hyperscale Business Development.

Posted by Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist at 1/7/2021 9:51:14 AM
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