Benefits of Building Information Modeling for Data Center Design

March 14, 2016

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Designing a data center involves a great amount of organization, timing of schedules, tracking of materials and changes, along with complex design work. For this reason, the process of Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been used to facilitate and streamline data center project designs.

Exactly how is BIM being used and what are its benefits? 

Here are reasons why this process is an option to be considered for your next project:

Projects are better coordinated

BIM allows everyone involved in the project, be it the architects, electricians or project managers, to input their data into the shared model. Information is kept in one place, which helps with communication and project coordination. 

Ability to identify and assess problems faster

When using this process, reviewing 3D computer models allows for easy review and evaluation of errors or issues that could cause an issue during construction. 

The building is shown in scale, and you are able to enter manufacturer details into the 3D model, allowing to identify important issues in the design.

Improved management of design preparation 

For the most part, data centers must have room for large amounts of IT equipment and all this equipment must fit properly, have proper distribution and suit certain service clearances. 

The routing of BIM allows for electrical designers to know exactly where to model for heat dissipation and adjust for any electrical duct work, and allows engineers to adjust for proper air flow.

Receive more value for your business

When you are able to see everything that is needed for a project up close, and this information is easily searchable, this makes things so much easier for general contractors. 

Using BIM also helps with productivity and creates opportunities for business opportunities. By using an efficient process for your projects, you can put a higher value on this added service, which leads to higher value business.

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By CJ Castillo, Technology Writer

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