CPI Marks 25 Years of Distribution Partnership with Accu-Tech

March 15, 2023

The year was 1998. Titanic ruled the box office and Celine Dion’s heart went on to rule the radio with that song from the very same movie. In the world of tech, one’s daily routine might have included a familiar hum, rattle, buzzzzz, screeeeech and dunnnnn—you know the one—of the infamous tones of a dial-up connection, your gateway to the world wide web, where, if you were really lucky, might have just meant “you’ve got mail!”

But 1998 had a few other Titanic-sized IT newsmakers and moments too. Out west, Steve Jobs introduced the first ever iMac to the world (with a bunch of bright neon colors to match) while the co-founder of a big company called Sun Microsystems handed a $100,000 check to two young upstarts in Menlo Park to start a little company called “Google.” And back east, down around Atlanta, that’s where something truly special happened—a manufacturer, Chatsworth Products (CPI), and a distributor, Accu-Tech, came together to provide IT customers with a new option to help procure the very same kinds of products and solutions that would make all that dialing up, connecting and online searching possible.

Now, 25 years later, CPI is proud to offer our thanks, gratitude and platitudes to one of our most loyal, long-running and customer-oriented distributor partners, Accu-Tech. And when one traces the history of tech from those much humbler beginnings to where we all are now, it’s amazing to not only see the digital transformation in the world around us, but to know we’ve worked hard, together, to help make it happen, day after day, by connecting customers to solutions.

True to their name, Accu-Tech has been laser-focused on being a national distributor of voice, data, AV, wireless and security solutions since 1984. And they’ve built a lasting reputation for quality and trust, delivering complete, integrated solutions for a variety of applications and industries, including essential industries like government, healthcare and education and more emerging spaces like smart and integrated buildings and systems.

To mark this special occasion, Employee Owners from CPI recently visited Accu-Tech HQ to deliver a commemorative 25th anniversary plaque, seen below.

Pictured from left to right: Brian Brown - VP of Marketing (Accu-Tech), John (J.J.) Burkey - VP Vendor Relations (Accu-Tech), Adam Lassiter - VP of Sales (Accu-Tech), Jeff Steen - Executive VP Global Sales (CPI), Butch Flynt - VP Technologies (Accu-Tech), Brian Michel - President (Accu-Tech), Michelle Klein - VP Inventory Management (Accu-Tech), Bill Bippus - Corporate Channel Manager (CPI), Jeff Doyle - VP Global Sales (Oberon, a division of CPI), Rebecca Park - VP of Finance (Accu-Tech)

Across it all, we’ve been proud to help Accu-Tech stock and quote countless CPI products and solutions to customers across these many industries, and no matter what new wonders and transformations the tech world throws our way next, you can rest assured that the CPI/Accu-Tech partnership is strong and ready for the next 25!
Posted by Jeff Cihocki, Content Manager at 3/15/2023 5:47:23 AM
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