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New CPI White Paper Outlines Benefits of OnTrac® Shaped Tray

November 12, 2012

CPI OnTrac Shaped TrayWhen CPI recently introduced the market to the new OnTrac® Shaped Tray, customers were impressed by its 400 percent larger contact surface capability for cables and its 63 percent reduction in cabling strain pressure – all thanks to a practical design change that uses flattened cross wires (seen in the image at right) instead of the traditional round wires.

Now, a brand new white paper from CPI, entitled "Shaping Up Pathways with Shaped Cable Tray" explores how this flattened cross wire design allows the OnTrac Shaped Tray to handle even the densest and complex cabling runs throughout the data center and beyond, while ensuring that cabling media successfully function at the speed and bandwidth at which it is designed.

Following the principal that a flat surface offers more support and surface area than a round surface, OnTrac Shaped Tray creates an indoor cable pathway application that increases cable support across basic point-to-point and high-density backbone connections. The simple change of using flattened cross wires (instead of the round cross wires found in traditional basket tray) resulted in a new design that not only creates more support, it also remained easily configurable, environmentally friendly and UL Classified.

Access the white paper in the Related Downloads section of the Wire Mesh Cable Tray webpage or download it directly. Jeff Cihocki, Global eContent Specialist

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