Getting the Most of Your Power Monitoring Data

November 12, 2015

eConnect Software As any IT manager knows, monitoring power consumption of IT is key to maintaining an efficient data center. There are many tools available to help with this task, such as intelligent power distribution units (PDUs). It is important to get the most out of your PDUs to ensure power management is effective and reliable.

According to Ashish Moondra, CPI Senior Product Manager of Power, Electronics & Software, the most important  metrics to monitor on a PDU are:

  1. Amperage readings at the branch circuit level: Monitoring at the branch circuit level will ensure availability of all connected equipment.
  2. Power and energy consumption at the outlet level: Monitoring at the outlet level will help you get the actual visibility of how much energy your IT equipment is consuming.
  3. Power and energy consumption at the entire PDU level: Monitoring based on individual power consumption, is useful for data centers needing to charge and bill users for power usage.  

CPI’s Switched Pro eConnect® PDUs

Whether you need to connect a few pieces of equipment or need to support high- density computing with multiple blade servers in every cabinet, Switched Pro eConnect® PDUs provide reliable power distribution with remote per-outlet power monitoring and control. 

In addition, they provide local and remote power monitoring for the PDU and remote monitoring and control for each outlet on the PDU. This is especially useful in data center and equipment room cabinets and racks to remotely control power to each outlet, to remotely monitor power use by each piece of equipment, and to help balance power loads for all attached equipment.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Optimized for high-density applications with a low-profile design, universal tool-less mounting and use in ambient air temperatures up to 149ºF (65ºC)
  • Connect any combination of up to 20 networked PDUs together and access all PDUs through a single IP address using the built-in web interface
  • Remote control of individual outlets by turning outlets on, off or cycling power
  • Continuous power monitoring at each breaker and each outlet
  • Local display with an interactive screen that displays combined power measurements
  • Remote monitoring and outlet control through a network connection using a web browser
  • Easy network setup using the local display to enter the IP address for fast deployment onto your network
  • Low-profile design that fits in the zero U space at the side of your equipment cabinet and does not block access to equipment mounting rails or exhaust airflow from equipment

Learn more about CPI’s eConnect PDUs by reading the Switched Pro PDU Data Sheet. Also, try out our eConnect Software Demo, which links to eConnect PDUs installed in CPI's Research, Development and Training Facility in Georgetown, Texas.

CJ Castillo, Technology Writer

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