Think Big, Save Space With These Four ICT Infrastructure Solutions

October 07, 2021

Often times, businesses must utilize a small space to house and store IT equipment. This could be an individual office or shared closet space where there is a minimal amount of networking equipment. Other times, a site may have a dedicated equipment room for consolidating networking, phone, inventory control and security equipment into a single space.

In either case, it’s important to consider ICT infrastructure solutions that:
  • Save floor space
  • Offer a range of product dimensions
  • Provide protection, organization and support for cabling and equipment
  • Create easy access to cables and routers
If you are preparing for a network upgrade, and saving space while ensuring protection and support of network equipment is critical to your business, be sure to evaluate the following ICT solutions before making your decision.

CUBE-iT® Wall-Mount Cabinet
  • Provides a secure, easy-to-install, swing-out storage solution while ensuring valuable space savings
  • Supports heavier equipment with a 300 lb (136 kg) UL® 2416 Listed load rating
  • Provides cabinet access with a single lock and key on the front door
  • Helps keep cables neat and organized with a host of optional cable management accessories
  • Ships fully assembled
Standard Two-Post Rack
  • Features a small footprint to save floor space
  • Ships unassembled in a single carton; easy bolt-together assembly takes less than 10 minutes
  • Supports up to 1000 lb of 19” EIA rack-mount equipment such as patch panels and network switches
  • Includes integrated grounding with a built-in attachment point for a ground (earthing) connection
Motive® Cable Management System
  • Provides unlimited adjustment anywhere within the cable manager using a centralized track system that allows for more direct cable runs
  • Manages and supports cables precisely where needed
  • Offers a set of tool-less cable management accessories to optimize use of interior space
  • Offers a cable capacity for Cat 6a cables (using 50 percent fill) of 155-394
Power Strips
  • Provide distribution of single-phase power to multiple pieces of equipment from a single power connection
  • Available in basic and metered configurations
  • Available in vertical or horizontal rack-mount power strip configurations that match the voltage and current rating of the power connection
  • Include thermal circuit breakers to protect circuits from overload
Adjustable Cable Runway
  • Creates a flexible point-to-point pathway for network cabling where cabling enters or exits the pathway
  • Provides ideal cable pathway customization that simplifies alignment of cabling above racks, cabinets and cable managers using movable cross members
  • Promotes quick and easy deployment using tool-less accessories
  • Allows for a load rating of 132 lb/ft (196 kg/m) when the runway is supported every 5 ft. (1.5 m)
If you want to learn more about space-saving solutions that can help you prepare for emerging technologies, review a white paper
Posted by Brittany Mangan, Social Media and PR Specialist at 10/7/2021 9:19:31 AM
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