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Cross-Connect Blog
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July 22, 2021

Information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure in health care facilities plays a key role in saving patients’ lives. And when it comes to planning what ICT infrastructure will be needed in new or existing health care facilities, those professionals who design, build and specify for these facilities deliver a network that ensures quality patient care, regulatory compliance, and facility and patient safety while staying on budget and leaving room for future growth.

July 16, 2021

In case the sizzling temperatures, backyard BBQs and pool parties hadn't made it obvious, summer's in full swing and school is probably the last thing on most kids' minds right about now. But as the past year and a half have taught us all, we now know that learning is happening just about anytime, anywhere through the use of emerging technologies. In today's blog, the IT teams that support schools and universities can learn about the physical infrastructure solutions needed to enable this digital proliferation and explore how other facilities like theirs have overcome tough, new challenges.  

July 08, 2021

5G and remote power management and control continue to be topics of interest. In today's blog, learn about—and take advantage of—two opportunities to enhance your knowledge. Participate in live webinars to gain insights into developing a power management strategy that fosters continuous ROI in your data center, and find out about the solutions that can help deploy a successful 5G network. Read the blog and register today.

June 30, 2021

Do you remember the 90s?! How about 1991? We sure do. The World Wide Web officially launched (to the public), Bryan Adam's hit, "Everything I Do, I Do It for You," played continuously on the radio and children around the world packed movie theaters to watch "Home Alone" during the holidays. But more importantly to the employee owners of Chatsworth Products (CPI), 1991 was also the year that CPI was founded! Celebrate with us in today's blog, featuring a few special surprises...

June 25, 2021

In data centers, cooling efficiency and operating costs have a direct impact on the bottom line. And, as we continue to experience record temperatures across the United States only a few days into summer, power consumption and spending on electricity is expected to soar. In today's blog, learn three tips that will help your data center stay cool (pun intended!), elevate your airflow management strategy, minimize cooling costs and optimize your operations.

June 11, 2021

Physical security in the data center, and down to the cabinet level, has to be part of a data center's overall operational strategy and budget. But, when it comes to executing that strategy and evaluating solutions, there can be differing opinions on what should be and how it should be deployed. In today's blog, we'll help you get started with a list of essential capabilities to look for when selecting a rack-level electronic lock solution. 

June 03, 2021

IT professionals may have a clear vision of what they want their telecommunications room to look like, and that's a good start. But what's really key, though, is having a thoughtful plan in place that will not only help reach an ideal aesthetic, but also enable a build-out that supports future network growth and emerging technologies. In today's blog, we'll provide a technical tip that offers five useful considerations for planning and design of the ideal TR.

May 28, 2021

Yes, CPI is almost thirty years old, but in Canada, we opened our regional Office and Showroom ten years ago. That means, we're celebrating a big milestone in what is our 10-year anniversary! And, in today's blog, Stew Munns, CPI Area Director in Canada, recaps some of the key reasons (including your support) why today, our Canadian office is central to supporting regional customers, and is looking ahead to a bright future. Read the blog and be sure to schedule a virtual tour, also.

May 20, 2021

Next week, Data Centre Congress hosts a free, virtual conference on Thursday, May 27. While the live sessions will happen on European time, registration gets you full on-demand access to all the show resources, which includes a panel discussion on next-gen data centers featuring CPI Product Marketing Manager, David Knapp. Read today's blog from CPI European Marketing guest author, Charlotte Leary, for full conference details and the free registration link.

May 18, 2021

Since CPI launched the ZetaFrame™ Cabinet earlier this year, we've been busy talking to industry press about how and why the innovative features of our strongest, most configurable cabinet came to be. Be sure to check out today's blog article for a handful of short videos in which CPI's Duke Robertson dishes the details on ZetaFrame to one such European outlet, Intelligent Briefings. Click through to watch the clips.
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