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Wherever cabling goes, grounding and bonding requirements follow Image

Patrick McLaughlin, Chief Editor, Cabling Installation & Maintenance (CI&M) Magazine, October 2018

With cabling being deployed in industrial plants and other edge environments, grounding and bonding equipment remain necessities. CPI Product Manager, Sam Rodriquez, provides insight into cabling methods and requirements.
Coming in from the Cold Image

Luca Rozzoni, CPI Senior Product Manager for Europe . Featured in September 2018 edition of Inside Networks.

Investing in tools that can provide the ability to analyze the thermal and environmental performance of the infrastructure is critical in making the right decisions at the design stage regarding the building of the rack infrastructure.

Go with the Flow Image

Luca Rozzoni, CPI Senior Product Manager for Europe. Featured in June 2018 edition of Inside Networks.

The data center market continues to grow and more demands are being placed upon facilities to increase energy efficiency and better manage operating costs. However, with the average head load per cabinet rising steadily and cooling already being one of the largest consumers of energy in a data center, the task is clearly not an easy one.
 Considerations for Storing and Securing Emerging Technologies Outside the Telecommunications Room Image

Duke Robertson, CPI Product Manager of Open Systems. Featured in May/June 2018 edition of ICT Today Magazine.

Network densification is a key capability to enable increased network capacity and reliability, and the need for multiple access point architectures and Wi-Fi configurations is requiring some infrastructure to move outside the traditional telecommunications room. Thus, infrastructure must evolve along with these new technologies to meet the demands for data storage, transmission speed and computing power.
Comparing Containment Systems for Data Center Airflow Management Image

David Knapp, CPI Product Marketing Manager. Featured in January/February 2018 edition of ICT Today Magazine.

This article examines and compares three data center containment systems and demonstrates that there are important differences that distinguish one system over the others.

Reducing Data Center Cooling Costs through Airflow Containment Image

Reducing Data Center Cooling Costs through Airflow Containment David Knapp, CPI Product Marketing Manager. Featured in the March 2018 edition of HPAC Engineering Magazine.

Implementing a containment solution in the data center costs much less than the alternatives of adding air handlers or other supplemental cooling equipment. Data center managers often configure cabinets in open hot/cold aisles and oversupply the room with cool air to keep equipment at operating temperature ranges. But that hurts efficiency and greatly inflates the energy bill.
 Chatsworth Products' Motive™ Cable Management Wins Platinum Award Image

Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine, November 2017

Chatsworth Products (CPI) was presented the platinum-level award—the highest honor—for its Motive® Vertical Cable Manager at the Cabling Installation & Maintenance (CI&M) Innovators Award.
Containment Systems Image

Victor Bañuelos, CPI's Technical Manager, CDCDP® and Uptime Institute Accredited Tier Designer writes for the November 2017 issue of PlugIT Magazine.

In this article for Plug IT Magazine—a digital magazine that covers the ICT industry in Spanish—Bañuelos describes a holistic approach with best practices and basic tips for data center managers to successfully achieve data center availability and efficiency.
Mission Critical Earthquake Preparedness Image

Raissa Carey, Technical Writer, Chatsworth Products, Inc. Printed in Mission Critical Magazine, November 2017

For the first time since the early 2000s, a new colocation data center is planned for San Francisco. Given the space and power constraints in the city, it is unlikely there will be another one in the next 10 years. How can architects and designers guarantee they are specifying the right infrastructure elements, while making the best use of valuable real estate space?
Top Performance for Cable Management Image

Luca Rozzoni, CPI Senior Product Manager for Europe. Featured in June 2017 edition of Inside Networks.

High-density deployments are rapidly becoming the norm rather than the exception. An increasing reliance on the infrastructure means that managing and maintaining the cables and patch cords that provide the critical support, reliability and flexibility of the network have never been more important. The way in which cables are deployed can play a key role in thermal efficiency.
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