Expansion Cards for RIM-1000
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Expansion Cards for the Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM-1000) System

Key Features and Benefits


  • 1U model accommodates 1 expansion card
  • 2U model accommodates up to 4 expansion cards
  • 24VDC model requires 24VDC expansion cards
  • 48VDC model requires 48VDC expansion cards
  • Expansion Card A: 12 analog (jumper selectable for 4-20mA, 0-5VDC or 0-10VDC) or digital normally open (NO) dry contact inputs (non-isolated, individual ground only); and 8 Form C Relay Outputs, 1A @ 24VDC, 0.5A resistive @ 120VAC.
  • 48VDC model accepts only 1 Card A.
  • Expansion Card C: 24 digital normally open or normally closed dry contact inputs,
  • 3000VAC RMS optically isolated (common or individual ground)

Note: The 12 configurable analog or digital NO inputs* on Expansion Card A are configured for a 4-20mA input, but can be manually reconfigured to 0-5 VDC or 0-10 VDC inputs by changing jumper settings on the expansion card prior to installation.

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