OSHPD Products

CPI is helping you reduce the OSHPD approval cycle when planning installations in seismically active regions by obtaining the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) Pre-Approval of Manufacturer's Certification (OPM). CPI also holds Pre-Approval of Anchorage (OPA) numbers and for several of our IT infrastructure products.

The OPM program is a voluntary program for review and pre-approval of seismic design of supports and attachments for nonstructural components to be used in health facilities construction in California. OPM should be referenced in Construction Documents for CBC 2013 based projects and may also be used for guidance in IBC 2012 based projects outside of California.

The OPA program was discontinued March 1, 2013 but existing OPAs can be used for projects based on the code cycle under which OPAs were approved. 

Below is a list of CPI's current OPM and OPA products. CPI will continue to submit equipment to OSHPD to obtain additional OPM number designations for CPI Products. 

If you would like to request anchorage drawings for our pre-approved products, please contact us at 1-800-834-4969.

OSHPD Listings for Chatsworth Products

Two-Post Racks

 Seismic Frame® Two-Post Rack  OPM-0249-13  - Pre-Approval  |  Calculation   

 Universal Rack (46353-X03, 46353-X05, 46353-X15, 48353-X03, 
48353-X05, 48353-X15)

OPM-0261-13 - Pre-Approval  | Calculation 
Standard Rack (55053-X03) OPM-0261-13 - Pre-Approval  | Calculation 
Standard Rack 6"D (66353-X03, 66363-X03) OPM-0262-13 - Pre-Approval | Calculation
OPA-0671-10 - Pre-Approval | Calculation    

Four-Post Racks & Enclosures

F-Series TeraFrame® Cabinet OPM-0348-13 - Pre-Approval | Calculation
GF-Series TeraFrame® Cabinet OPM-0348-13 - Pre-Approval | Calculation
Z4-Series SeismicFrame® Cabinet OPM-0012-13 - Pre-Approval | Calculation
QuadraRack® 4-Post Frame (50120) OPM-0260-13 - Pre-Approval  | Calculation 
Adjustable Rail QuadraRack® & ServerRack (1525X-XXX) OPM-0301-13 - Pre-Approval  | Calculation  
Adjustable QuadraRack® & ServerRack (1521X-XXX) OPM-0302-13 - Pre-Approval  | Calculation  

Wall-Mount Systems

CUBE-iT™ Wall-Mount Cabinet  OPM-0196-13 - Pre-Approval   | Calculation  
Standard Swing Gate Rack  OPM-0263-13 - Pre-Approval  | Calculation 
Fixed Wall-Mount Equipment Rack  OPM-0265-13  - Pre-Approval  |  Calculation
Heavy Duty Wall-Mount Equipment Rack OPM-0265-13  - Pre-Approval  |  Calculation

Cable Runway

4"W Cable Runway (10250-X04)
6"W Cable Runway (10250-X06)
9"W Cable Runway (10250-X09)
12"W Cable Runway (10250-X12)
15"W Cable Runway (10250-X15)
18"W Cable Runway (10250-X18)
24"W Cable Runway (10250-X24)
OPA-1812-07 - Pre-Approval | Calculation 
Triangular Support Bracket, Aluminum, For 4"-6"W Runway (11312-X06)
Triangular Support Bracket, Aluminum, For 6"-12"W Runway (11312-X12)
Triangular Support Bracket, Aluminum, For 12"-18"W Runway (11312-X18)
OPA-1811-10 - Pre-Approval Calculation
Vertical Wall Brackets (10608-X01) OPA-0681-10 - Pre-Approval | Calculation

Zone & Wireless Enclosures

14.5"W x 12"L x 10"H Wireless Ceiling Enclosure (AAT-CAP) OPA-0690-07 - Pre-Approval Calculation  
14.5"W x 12"L x 5"H Wireless Ceiling Enclosure (AAT-CAP-S) OPA-0834-07 - Pre-Approval | Calculation  
12.75"W x 10"L x 4"H Wireless Ceiling Enclosure (WA064-CAP) OPA-1310-07 - Pre-Approval | Calculation
2' x 2' Ceiling Enclosures for Patch Panels (A1222-PP) OPA-0835-10 - Pre-Approval | Calculation 
2' x 4' Ceiling Enclosures for Patch Panels (A1224-PP) OPA-0836-10 - Pre-Approval | Calculation  
Wall Mounted Zone Enclosure (AAT-AWM-H) OPA-0837-07 - Pre-Approval | Calculation