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Enhanced Vertical Cable Manager Kit for MegaFrame
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Enhanced Vertical Manager allows cables to be organized by rack-mount space, making it easier to trace individual cables during moves, adds and changes. Additionally, two Enhanced Vertical Managers can be connected with Front-to-Back Managers (as shown above) to create a complete pathway for patch cords that connect network switches and computers within the same or adjacent cabinets.

Enhanced Vertical Manager is available in two sizes for large and extra-large cable capacities. The narrow version can be added to any MegaFrame Cabinet. The wide version is used in any 23" wide MegaFrame Cabinet that has been converted into a 19" rack solution with CPI's 23"-19" Rail Adapter Kit. Both models include a snap-on door to protect cables. The matching Front-to-Back Managers (sold in pairs) snap onto
the vertical managers and adjust to match the depth of the cable managers.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Cable openings in Enhanced Vertical Manager allow cables to exit by RMU. Openings have rounded edges to protect cable and will not deform or break
  • The back side of the Enhanced Vertical Manager has four edge-protected cable pass-through ports for front-to-back cabling.
  • Cover snaps on and opens to the right or left for easy access to cables during moves, adds and changes.
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