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Vertical Cable Manager for M-Series MegaFrame Cabinets
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The Vertical Cable Manager provides cable management in addition to the Integrated Cable Manager. Available for 72”, 78” and 84” (1830 mm, 1980 mm and 2130 mm) cabinets.

Rings on the Vertical Cable Manager can be oriented in parallel or perpendicular to the cabinet’s mounting rails. Use the Manager as show near the rear of the cabinet to create two pathways for cabling with one manager.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Includes one pair of sections and eight rings
  • Large 5.5”D X 2.3”W (140 mm x 58 mm) heavy duty plastic rings with rounded edges organize and protect cable sheaths
  • Ships pre-assembled
  • Position anywhere along horizontal mounting rails
  • Use with MegaFrame and Seismic Frame® Series of cabinets. Use with SlimFrame when bayed without side panels
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