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Bolt-Down Kit for F-Series TeraFrame HD Cabinet
TeraFrame HD Bolt Down Kit; Black
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Bolt-Down Kit for F-Series TeraFrame HD Cabinet Overview

Securely anchor F-Series TeraFrame HD Cabinets to the floor structure for stability with the Bolt-Down Kit. The kit includes two heavy-duty two-piece steel brackets that attach to the cabinet frame and provide a wide flange for floor mounting. The brackets can be installed prior to cabinet arrival. The two-piece design simplifies installation. Disassemble the brackets and mount the L-shaped floor flanges, roll cabinets into place and secure the cabinets to the floor flanges with the remaining bracket. Once installed, the Bolt-Down Kit covers the opening between the cabinet frame and floor at the front and rear of the cabinet concealing the casters and providing a barrier that minimizes air leakage underneath the cabinet. Order required floor anchor hardware separately.

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