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Vertical PDU Mounting Bracket Kit for MegaFrame & SlimFrame Cabinets
Vertical PDU Mounting Bracket Kit; for M-Series MegaFrame Cabinet System or C-Series SlimFrame Cabinet System; Pair
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Vertical PDU Mounting Bracket Kit for MegaFrame & SlimFrame Cabinets Overview

The Vertical PDU Mounting Bracket Kit is used to attach vertical rack-mount power distribution units (PDUs) with tool-less mounting hardware to M-Series MegaFrame® Cabinet Systems, and C-Series SlimFrame® Cabinet Systems.

Key Features and Benefits

  • The kit includes one pair of mounting brackets that attach to the top and bottom rail supports on the side of the cabinet
  • The brackets support two 2.4” W (61 mm) or narrower PDUs side-by-side
  • The brackets include tool-less attachment points spaced 64.75” (1645 mm) apart and require a minimum of 5.4” (136 mm) of equipment mounting rail setback to provide clearance for the PDUs at the rear of the cabinet
  • The brackets position PDUs in the rear corner of the cabinet so that outlets on the PDUs face the middle of the cabinet
  • One bracket kit is included with each 38U or taller M-Series MegaFrame Cabinet System and each 37U or taller C-Series
    SlimFrame Cabinet System manufactured after August 1, 2011; a second kit can be added to the opposite side of the cabinet
    to support up to four PDUs in the rear of the cabinet, two per side
  • This kit is not compatible with the 14U or 25U M-Series MegaFrame Cabinet System, the E-Series ISP Co-Location Cabinet or the Seismic Frame® Cabinet System


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