To truly make the most of your Chatsworth Products Cabinet System Solution, CPI provides a variety of value-added accessories to complement its functionality and ease of use.
Shelves (6 Product Options)

Specially designed to support heavy equipment. 2U x 19”W x 26”D (660 mm) sliding shelf, extends 24” (610 mm), adjusts between 20” and 34”
(510 mm and 860 mm) mounting depth. Supports up to 300 lb (136.1 kg).

6 options
Starting at $811.74 USD MSRP

Use fixed shelves to support equipment without rack-mounted brackets such as modems, CPUs, small power supplies and monitors.

36 options
Starting at $176.83 USD MSRP

Lockable Storage Drawer keeps backup media, software, manuals, laptops, test equipment and extra patch cords in close proximity to where they are typically used within a rack or cabinet.

30 options
Starting at $509.84 USD MSRP

This unique telescoping design delivers between 20" and 36" of continuous support for up to 100 pounds of equipment in less than 1 RMU of rack-mount space!

12 options
Starting at $132.04 USD MSRP
1 option
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These specially designed shelves are suitable for applications where there is a need to access installed equipment for maintenance, upgrading, cleaning, etc.

24 options
Starting at $577.23 USD MSRP