Side Panel with Brush Sealed Cable Openings
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Side Panel With Brush Sealed Cable Openings feature multiple brush sealed cable openings that allow cables to enter the side of the cabinet while containing exhaust air within each cabinet.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Two-piece design with top and bottom halves for easier handling
  • Eight cable openings per side, four per half-height panel, one per corner, are 4.5”W x 9”D (114 mm x 228 mm) without cover, sized for large power plugs
  • Brush cover over cable openings protects cables as they pass through the side panel and provides a 3.9”W x 8.8”D (99 mm x 223 mm)  ass through area for cables
  • Tool-less removal, drop in design with integrated locking spring latch secures the side panel to the cabinet frame
  • Integrated grounding tabs to electrically bond the side panel to cabinet frame
  • Includes: Side panel (two halves, with brushes), installation hardware, set of keys
  • Material: Steel panels; brushes are plastic, Finish: Black or Glacier White; brushes are black
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