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DistributionFrame Cabinet
Availability: Asia Pacific

The DistributionFrame is a sturdy, compact and secure IDF cabinet designed specifically to store telecommunications, network, security and building automation equipment in your facility’s equipment rooms. DistributionFrame has a small footprint to conserve floor space. The frame will hold up to 1500 lb (680 kg) of equipment. It includes two pairs of equipment mounting rails that can be adjusted in depth to match 19”EIA rack-mount equipment requirements, so the same cabinet can support a mix of patch panels, fiber enclosures and switch equipment, and adapt to future equipment changes. Locking doors and side panels secure equipment when unattended, but can also be easily removed as required to service equipment. 

Key Features & Benefits
  • Sturdy design supports up to 1500 lb (680 kg) of equipment on supplied leveling feet
  • Adjustable depth mounting rails provide front and rear support for 19”EIA rack-mount equipment
  • Choice of tempered glass or perforated front door
  • Perforated doors provide airflow for equipment
  • Locking doors and side panels protect equipment
  • Grommet-protected cable openings in the top panel protect cables as they exit the enclosure
  • Transport casters and leveling feet allow for a professional installation and easy movement on-site 
  • Small footprint conserves floor space in your equipment rooms 
  • Thermal, power and cable management accessories neatly organize cables