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Vertical Mounting Rail Kit for Sun® Equipment
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For use within the MegaFrame, SlimFrame and SteelFrame cabinets, this three-piece vertical mounting rail system delivers greater flexibility and maximum use of floor space by allowing a larger variety of servers to be mounted in 30”D (760 mm) or deeper cabinets.

Series 11812 rail kit includes two front rails, two Z-shaped rails, two square-punched rails and packaged hardware. The shape of the rails allow the installation of Sun servers that have unique side-mounting requirements. Rear Square-Punched rails allow Four-post mounted equipment requiring EIA-310-D standard mounting to be installed in a cabinet also containing Sun equipment. Series 11813 and 11815 Z-shaped rail kits can be used when mounting multiple Sun servers of varying depths within the same cabinet. These kits include two Z-shaped rails and hardware. All mounting rails adjust from 24”-39” (610 mm - 990 mm).

Key Features and Benefits

  • Design and shape of rails allow Sun servers to be side-mounted, where required
  • Rear square-punched rails maximizes available space for accessories and connectivity products in 36" an d 39" D (910 mm or 990 mm) cabinets
  • Rack-mount unit markings on rails simplify equipment installation
  • Made of steel
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