Standard Wall-Mount Cabinet
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The Standard Wall-Mount Cabinet is a structurally advanced metal enclosure designed to provide secure storage for telecommunications equipment in remote locations. This product offers a variety of options, frame sizes and upgrades, which will increase security, optimize equipment payload and improve airflow. The cabinet features a non-swing, fixed chassis with a hinged door. Cabinet door options include solid metal, tempered glass and perforated metal. All doors come equipped with a standard locking key-latch with the option to upgrade to the Electronic Lock Kit, System 1000.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Engineered solution designed for smaller equipment rooms, closets and remote locations
  • Ships partially assembled in a compact flat pack and is easy to maneuver around jobsites
  • Simplified assembly process by using a simple slot-an-hook design
  • Cabinet chassis is vented on top and bottom
  • Includes one pair of adjustable depth 19" EIA square-punched mounting rails
  • Offers a number of different door designs and colors
  • Bonded construction facilitates grounding
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