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eConnect® Power Distribution Units
eConnect® PDUs provide the ultimate solution for cabinet-level power management, environmental monitoring and electronic access control in multi-tenant and enterprise data centers.
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Switched eConnect® PDUs provide remote monitoring of power at the rack level and individual outlet control, making it possible to remotely turn power on or off at each outlet.
123 options
Starting at $1,526.97 USD MSRP
For use in data centers and equipment room racks and cabinets. Provides continuous, automated monitoring of each PDU to provide measurement at the rack level. Integration with electronic access control and environmental monitoring options provides a complete cabinet-level management solution that is easy to use and deploy.
14 options
Starting at $1,118.41 USD MSRP

Switched Pro eConnect® PDUs provide remote power monitoring and control for each outlet on the PDU, making it possible to remotely measure and cycle power for each piece of equipment attached to the PDU.

123 options
Starting at $1,788.74 USD MSRP