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Switched eConnect® PDU (Previous Model)

For use in data centers and equipment room racks and cabinets. Provides continuous, automated monitoring of each PDU to provide measurement at the rack level. Integration with electronic access control and environmental monitoring options provides a complete cabinet-level management solution that is easy to use and deploy.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Withstands the hot aisle temperatures of high-density data center environments, with an ambient temperature rating of 149°F (65°C)
  • Protects equipment from current spikes and nuisance tripping with highly reliable, heat tolerant 100% rated magnetic hydraulic breakers
  • Optimizes power usage in high-density applications with continuous power monitoring at each PDU and input branch circuit with +/-1% accuracy
  • Delivers proactive environmental warnings and threshold alarms with integrated temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Prevents accidental disconnections through optional locking outlets, which ensure straight power cords stay securely fastened to IEC outlets
  • Vertical PDUs support attachment of two electronic swinghandle locks to provide secure electronic access control for CPI GlobalFrame® or TeraFrame® cabinets
  • Ensures notification of impending issues proactively through threshold settings and notifications
  • Vertical PDU installs quickly with universal, tool-less mounting hardware or available shipped preinstalled in CPI cabinets
  • Offers a broad range of standard configurations, combining different power inlets/plugs and outlets for configurations that match facility requirements. Vertical configurations feature up to 48 outlets.
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