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17" LCD KVM Drawer and IP Switch with DB15 Ports
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The IP KVM Switch with DB15 computer ports is an excellent solution for small and medium single-site facilities. It features a combination LCD flat panel display, keyboard and touchpad console and a 16 port IP KVM switch that can be expanded with up to seven additional standalone switches to connect up to 128 computers.

Key Features and Benefits

  • For 19”EIA cabinets, uses only 1U of rack-mount space
  • Connect 16 computers through one set of peripherals or an IP connection
  • Multi-platform switch, supports VGA video connection and PS/2 or USB keyboard and mouse connections
  • Easy switching between computers with buttons, hotkeys or on-screen display
  • Password protected access and eight user accounts
  • LEDs indicate computer connections
  • Expand by connecting up to seven additional standalone KVM switches to access 128 computers from a single set of peripherals
  • Also available with an integrated 17" LCD KVM Drawer
  • Drawer is a single rail model available with US or UK keyboard layouts
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