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Horizontal Cable Tray
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The Horizontal Cable Tray provides a way of routing cables inside the cabinets. Network cabling is neatly stored in the tray, but hidden from view outside of the cabinet. The MegaFrame M-Series Cabinet has three depth members used for the attachment of vertical mounting rails and cable management accessories along both its right and left side. The Cable Tray attaches to the top depth member. It takes up only 2 RMU of rack space. However, since it does not attach directly to the rack mounting rails, it can often be positioned behind rack-mount equipment so that there is no loss of rack mounting space within the cabinet.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Hide horizontal cabling from external view by managing it on the Horizontal Cable Tray within the MegaFrame® Cabinet for improved aesthetics over external cable management on overhead cable runway
  • Trays align in depth along a row of cabinets to create a 6" wide internal cable pathway capable of supporting up to 50 pounds of cabling that is hidden from view outside of the cabinets
  • Trays adjust in depth to align with the vertical cable management rings within the cabinets and radius bends on the ends of the trays allow smooth transitions for cables entering or exiting the vertical cable management rings
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