Wall Mount Racks
Open wall-mount racks present easy access to cables and equipment and offer both fixed and swing frames. Swing frames pivot open on one side to provide access to the rear of equipment and are used to support patch panels, while fixed frames hold more weight and are used for network routers and switches.
Swing Frame (3 Product Options)

EasySwing™ Wall-Mount Rack is an open, wall-mounted, 19" EIA swing gate rack that is available in three heights and four depths.

40 options
Starting at $266.11 USD MSRP

The Hinged Panel Mounting Bracket provides easy access to back of wall or rack-mounted panels.

50 options
Starting at $91.71 USD MSRP

Standard Swing Gate Wall Rack is a swing-out wall rack for patch panels and switches.

96 options
Starting at $356.24 USD MSRP