Oberon™ Skybar™ Environmental Enclosures 1020
13.4 in. Skybar NEMA-4 Plastic Wi-Fi Access Point Enclosure with Opaque Screw-on Cover
Finish/ Color:
Light Gray
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1020 Overview

NEW! The Model 1020 now has the NEMA PW ancillary rating indicating it has passed applicable tests for power washing. Oberon’s Skybar 1020 series compact NEMA 4 AP enclosure is designed specifically to protect APs in challenging environments such as stadiums, auditoriums, gymnasiums, industry and outdoors. This rugged polycarbonate enclosure protects the AP from weather, pressure spray, spilling liquids, dust, and impacts, and is transparent to wireless signals so APs with body integrated antennas or small detachable antennas may be protected. The Model 1020 now has the NEMA PW ancillary rating indicating it has passed applicable tests for power washing, and is suitable for environments subject to power washing spray. The enclosure is paintable, and can be used to conceal and protect APs in many challenging locations. This is the most compact NEMA 4X enclosure for most APs. Available with clear cover (-C) or with Right Angle Bracket (39-1020-RAB) accessory for wall mounting. For under seat installations in auditoriums and public venues, Oberon recommends using the under seat mounting (-USM30) configuration with the 30° mounting bracket.

NOTE: 6 GHz Access Points (e.g. Wi-Fi 6E) may only operate outdoors in the United States in the Standard Power mode (requiring AFC coordination). Low Power Indoor (LPI) Access Points are restricted to indoor only operation.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact, rugged NEMA 4 Skybar™ shaped enclosure for installing APs in physically challenging environments
  • Now has the NEMA PW ancillary rating for power washing environments
  • Virtually transparent to wireless signals
  • Plastic is easily drilled and machined for custom cable ingress and installation. Enclosure is paintable
  • Cover attaches with four tamper resistant stainless steel screws, available with clear cover
  • Available in under seat mounting (1020-USM30) and wall mounting (1020-RAB)

Technical Specifications

  • Design: Compact, rugged polycarbonate AP enclosure designed for surface mounting AP indoors or outdoors, and for under seating and riser installation, wall mounting, or light pole mounting. Conceal and protect AP and cabling
  • Performance: Designed to NEMA 1, 2, 4, 4X, 12, and13, and IEC529-IP66 specifications for indoor/ outdoor wet, dirty, or corrosive environments. NEMA PW ancillary rating for power washing environments. UV stabilized for exposure to direct sunlight. Transparent to wireless signals. Paintable
  • Oberon Skybar™ shaped screw on cover with gasket. Cover screws must be torqued to 8 in-lbs. Cover screws are recessed into cover. Comes with standard and tamper resistant screws
  • Internal universal T-bar bracket to attach most vendor’s APs
  • -C configuration has a clear screw on cover to allow visibility of status LEDs
  • -USM30 mounts AP at 30° angle in under seat installations, or on high wall
  • For similar enclosures accommodating larger APs, please refer to Oberon Models 1021 or 1022
  • AP max. operating temperature should be de-rated by 11° C inside the enclosure, when solar loading is not present (See Oberon application note)
  • For outdoor installation, the 1020 is very light grey to reduce solar loading. Painting the 1020 a darker color will increase solar loading. Avoid mounting 1020 where it is directly exposed to the sun. The 39-1020-RABright angle bracket accessory acts as a solar shield
  • Construction: Gray Textured UL94-V0 Polycarbonate Enclosure Base, Gray Textured UL94-V0 Polycarbonate Enclosure Cover (For -00 SKUs Only), Clear Textured UL94-V0 Polycarbonate Enclosure Cover (For -C SKUs Only), 18 Ga. White Powder Coated Steel T-Bar Bracket, 0.10 in. Gray Powder Coated Aluminum 30° Angle Bracket (For -USM30 SKUs Only)
  • Exterior Size: 9.30 x 13.38 x 3.96 in. (236.2 x 339.9 x 100.6 mm)
  • Interior Size: 9.02 x 10.74 x 3.68in. (229.1 x 272.8 x 93.5 mm)


  • (1) Enclosure
  • (1) T-Bar Bracket
  • (4) M4 x 20 mm Captive Phillips Lid Screws
  • (4) M4 x 20 mm Captive Torx Lid Screws
  • (4) #6 x 5/16 in. Pan Head Thread-Forming Screws for Plastic
  • (4) #6 x 5/16 in. Flat Head Thread-Forming Screws for Plastic
  • (4) Cushioning Washers
  • (1) Right Angle Bracket (For -RAB SKUs Only)
  • (4) M4 x 12 mm Button Head Socket Cap Screw (For -RAB SKUs Only)
  • (1) 30° Angle Bracket (For -USM30 SKUs Only)
  • (1) Metal Double Gang Outlet Box Flat Blank Cover (For -USM30 SKUs Only)
  • (4) #8 x 5/16 in. Phillips Truss Head Screws (For -USM30 SKUs Only)
  • (4) #10 x 1/2 in. Phillips Pan Head Screws (For -USM30 SKUs Only)
  • (4) #10 EPDM Rubber Sealing Washers (For -USM30 SKUs Only)
  • (4) #10 Stainless Steel Washers (For -USM30 SKUs Only)
  • Installation Instructions

For use with the following Wi-Fi/Small Cell Access Points:

AP20, AP250
AP-205, AP-215, AP-225, AP-305, AP-315, AP-325, AP-505, AP-515
1600i/1700i/2600i/2700i/3500i/3600i/3700i Series, 1830i/1850i Series, 2800i/3800i Series, 9105AXI, 9115AXI, 9117AX, 9120AXI, 9130AXI
Extreme Networks
AP305C, AP3705i, AP3710i, AP3715i, AP3765i, AP3801i, AP410i, AP460i, AP505i / AP510i
MR32/34/42, MR33, MR36, MR52/53
AP21, AP33, AP34, AP41, AP43, AP45, BT11
R550, R650, R730, R750
UniFi UAP-AC-HD, UniFi UAP-XG View Product Documentation