Oberon™ Skybar™ Environmental Enclosures 1026
16 in. NEMA 4X Polycarbonate Wi-Fi Access Point Enclosure with Hinged Opaque Door
Finish/ Color:
Light Gray
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1026 Overview

NEMA 4X Skybar enclosure protects APs with internal or external antennas from all vendors in challenging indoor/outdoor environments. This rugged polycarbonate enclosure protects the AP from falling water, dust, and impacts, and is transparent to wireless signals so APs with body integrated antennas or small detachable antennas may be protected. The enclosure has a hinged door, molded-in padlock hasps for locking, and interior ABS panel for attaching APs.

NOTE: 6 GHz Access Points (e.g. Wi-Fi 6E) may only operate outdoors in the United States in the Standard Power mode (requiring AFC coordination). Low Power Indoor (LPI) Access Points are restricted to indoor only operation.


Features & Benefits

  • NEMA 4X AP enclosure for indoor and outdoor applications such as stadiums and public hotspots
  • UV-stabilized for exposure to direct sunlight
  • Virtually transparent to wireless signals
  • Universal mounting plate allows easy installation of most vendors’ APs
  • Cover is hinged; cover can be latched and locked with padlock (not included)

Technical Specifications

  • Design: Polycarbonate AP enclosure designed for wall or mast mounting indoors or outdoors, where secure mounting is required. Large enough for Cisco 3500/3600 APs. Clear, fully hinged, lockable door
  • Performance: Designed to NEMA 4X specifications for indoor/ outdoor wet, dirty, or corrosive environments. UV stabilized for exposure to direct sunlight. Transparent to wireless signals. Temperature rating from -20 to 240°F. Paintable
  • Fully hinged, gasketed door with hasps for padlock
  • Internal plastic universal mounting panel
  • Large enough for Cisco 3800 DART connector and external antenna
  • Construction: UL94-5VA Light Gray Polycarbonate Plastic Enclosure Base, UL94-5VA Light Gray Polycarbonate Plastic Enclosure Door (For -00 SKUs Only), UL94-V0 Tinted Clear Polycarbonate Plastic Enclosure Door (For -C SKUs Only), UL94-5VA Black ABS Plastic Internal Mounting Plate, UL94-5VA Light Gray Polycarbonate Plastic Mounting Feet
  • Specify opaque grey door as -00 or tinted clear door as -C. See ordering guide below
  • For ventilation and drain kit, specify -V. See ordering guide below. -V includes a NEMA 3 capable vent for permitting air circulation, and a drain for installation in bottom of enclosure. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for ventilated (-V) Enclosures is 5 units
  • For outdoor installation, the 1026 is very light grey to reduce solar loading. Painting the 1026 a darker color will increase solar loading. Avoid mounting the 1026 where it is directly exposed to the sun


  • (1) Enclosure
  • (1) Internal Mounting Plate
  • (4) Mounting Feet (For All SKUs Except -242410)
  • (4) 1/4-20 x 1/2 in. Mounting Feet Screws (For All SKUs Except -242410)
  • (4) #10 x 3/8 in. Mounting Plate Screws
  • (4) #10 x 5/8 in. Lid Screws
  • (4) #10 Washers
  • (4) Small Hole Covers
  • (1) Large Hole Cover
  • Installation Instructions

Safety & Standards

  • Designed to NEMA 3R, 4, 4X, 12, and 6P, and IEC529-IP68 specifications for indoor/ outdoor wet, dirty, or corrosive environments
  • UL508A (File #E319779) listed; back-box and cover are light gray UL94-5VA Polycarbonate; tinted clear cover is UL94V-0 Polycarbonate

For use with the following Wi-Fi/Small Cell Access Points:

AP110/120, AP20, AP250, AP320, AP330, AP340/350, AP370
AP-134, AP-135, AP-205, AP-205H, AP-214, AP-215, AP-224, AP-225, AP-228, AP-303, AP-305, AP-314, AP-315, AP-318, AP-324, AP-325, AP-334, AP-335, AP-344, AP-345, AP-505, AP-515, AP-518, AP-534, AP-535, AP-655, AP-93H, AP-ANT-13B antenna, AP-ANT-16 antenna, AP-ANT-17/AP-ANT-18/AP-ANT-25A/AP-ANT-35A/ANT-2x2-5314 antenna, AP-ANT-1W antenna, AP-ANT-20W antenna
1532i, 1542i/1542d, 1562d, 1562i, 1600e/2700e/3500e/3600e/3700e/3700p Series, 1600i/1700i/2600i/2700i/3500i/3600i/3700i Series, 1830e/1850e Series, 1830i/1850i Series, 2800e/3800e Series, 2800e/3800e Series with DART Connector, 2800i/3800i Series, 4800 Series, 9124AXD, 9124AXE, 9124AXI, AIR-ANT5114P-N antenna
Extreme Networks
AP305C, AP3705i, AP3710e, AP3710i, AP3715e, AP3715i, AP3765e, AP3765i, AP3767e, AP3801i, AP3805e, AP3805i, AP3825e, AP3825i, AP3865e, AP3935e, AP3935i, AP3965e, AP3965i, AP410e, AP410i, AP460e, AP460i, AP5010, AP505i / AP510i, AP510C, AP560h, AP560i, AP650
MR32/34/42, MR33, MR52/53, MR53E, MR57, MA-ANT-3-A6 antenna, MA-ANT-3-B6 antenna, MA-ANT-3-D5/6 antenna
2942 and 7962, 7300 Series and 7025, 7352 and 7372, R310, R320, R510, R550, R610, R710, R720, R850, ZoneFlex H500

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