Oberon™ Skybar™ Environmental Enclosures 3000
Outdoor AP and Antenna Concealment Shroud
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3000 Overview

Oberon’s Model 3001-00 is an outdoor concealment shroud for concealing Wi-Fi and small cell APs, antennas, remote radio heads, cabling and connectors. The Model 3001-00 includes a paintable, rugged ABS plastic hinged cover which is virtually transparent to wireless signals. The 3001-00 also includes a heavy duty panel for mounting APs, antennas, and brackets from most leading wireless vendors. Where outdoor network aesthetics is paramount, conceal and protect outdoor rated wireless equipment.

NOTE: 6 GHz Access Points (e.g. Wi-Fi 6E) may only operate outdoors in the United States in the Standard Power mode (requiring AFC coordination). Low Power Indoor (LPI) Access Points are restricted to indoor only operation.


Features & Benefits

  • Mount, conceal, and protect outdoor rated APs, antennas, and cables on exterior walls where unsightly cabling and equipment is not desirable
  • Facilitate outdoor Wi-Fi and Small Cell deployments
  • Hinged and removable cover to easily install and access equipment

Technical Specifications

  • Design: Rugged ABS plastic vanity cover, hinged to universal equipment mounting panel. Large enough for most vendors’ APs and antennas
  • Performance: UV resistant vanity cover is virtually transparent to wireless signal
  • Constructions: Stainless Steel 16 ga. wall mounting brackets and hardware, ABS mounting panel, white ABS plastic cover with UV cap
  • Size: 14.25 x 22 x 11 in.


  • (1) White ABS plastic cover with hinge
  • (1) Set of wall brackets
  • (1) ABS plastic mounting panel
  • (2) #10-32 x 5/16 in. Shoulder screw
  • (3) #1/4-20 x ¾ in. Flanged hex head bolt
  • (4) #10-32 x ¼ in. Screw
  • (4) #10-32 x ½ in. Screw
  • (4) ¾ OD x ¼ in. Long Spacer

For use with the following Wi-Fi/Small Cell Access Points:

AP-228, AP-274, AP-275, AP-277, AP-318, AP-365, AP-367, AP-374, AP-375, AP-377, AP-615, AP-635, ANT-4x4-5314 antenna, AP-ANT-17/AP-ANT-18/AP-ANT-25A/AP-ANT-35A/ANT-2x2-5314 antenna
1532e, 1532i, 1542i/1542d, 1562d, 1562e, 1562i, 1572eac/1572ec, 1572ic, 9124AXD, 9124AXE, 9124AXI, IW3700 Series
Extreme Networks
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