Learn more about the trusted companies that CPI works with to provide customers with fully integrated solutions.
CPI works with a variety of innovative and forward-thinking technology companies to provide allied products and solutions that bridge the gap between industries and applications and further strengthen your ability to integrate a truly total site solution no matter what your requirements may be.
RF Code Logo
RF Code is the leading provider of critical asset tracking and protection solutions. RF Code’s solution—consisting of sensors, dedicated infrastructure and powerful CenterScape software platform—replaces expensive and inaccurate manual processes with real-time intelligence, enabling organizations to reduce costs and reduce risk of downtime by improving asset utilization, increasing operational efficiency, and enhancing risk mitigation.
Sunbird Software Logo
Sunbird is a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software company. We provide the most widely deployed commercial off-the-shelf software to monitor and manage data center critical infrastructure from intelligent rack power distribution units to the complete power chain. Sunbird helps data center operators manage tasks and processes faster and more efficiently than ever before, while saving costs and improving availability. We strive to eliminate the complexity customers have been forced to accept from point tools and homegrown applications, removing the dependency on emails and spreadsheets to transform the delivery of data center services.
ZPE Systems Logo
ZPE Systems helps enterprise IT staff reduce downtime with a unified solution to manage and control compute, network, storage and smart power assets regardless of vendor. The Nodegrid Family of Open Infrastructure Management™ Solutions address the critical needs of networking, in-band and out-of-band IT infrastructure. IT teams greatly increase productivity and provide quick scalability while reducing downtime, training and IT management costs.