Oberon™ In-Plane™ Recessed Mounts 1018
The 1018 is an all plastic recess box with mounting features for leading vendors APs.
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1018 Overview

Oberon™ In-Plane™ Recessed Mounts 1018 provides a convenient way to conceal Wi-Fi and Small Cell Wireless Access Points (APs) into a dry-wall ceiling or wall for an aesthetic, professional installation. Oberon™ In-Plane™ Recessed Mounts 1018 is an all-plastic recess box with mounting features for leading vendor's APs.

The recessed box installs into an opening in the ceiling or wall in minutes. The AP, surface mount box, patch cord, and associated cabling can be organized inside the recess box, and the low-profile cover snaps into place. The paintable white cover largely blends into most ceilings or walls. The cover is a thin PC/ABS composite plastic, which is virtually transparent to the wireless signal. Oberon™ In-Plane™ Recessed Mounts 1018 is the ideal solution in venues where the AP needs to ‘visually disappear’ without compromising wireless coverage and performance.

Oberon™ In-Plane™ Recessed Mounts 1018 is uniquely designed to satisfy UL 2416 requirements for in-wall mounted enclosure systems. Oberon™ In-Plane™ Recessed Mounts 1018 is constructed of a suitably-rated plastic material for recess wall mounting. Unlike metal in-wall boxes, Oberon™ In-Plane™ Recessed Mounts 1018 will have minimum impact on wireless performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Recess and conceal Wi-Fi APs into hard lid ceiling or wall
  • Paintable snap-on cover is almost flush to wall
  • Easily fastens to drywall using swivel fasteners
  • Plastic construction minimizes impact on wireless performance

Technical Specifications

  • Design: Non-metallic wireless AP flush-mount enclosure. Designed to conceal and secure APs with integrated or non-detachable antennas. UL 2416 listed for recess installation in walls
  • Performance: Paintable, impact resistant plastic enclosure is virtually transparent to wireless signals. UL listed for recess installation in walls
  • Snap-on cover with concealed attachment points can optionally be screwed on for added security
  • Swivel fasteners mount box into wall opening with minimal hardware
  • Includes UL Listed Conduit Connector which accommodates up to 2 Cat 6A cables, permits code compliant recess wall installation
  • Universal mounting T-bar for most vendor’s APs, mounting features for Cisco and Aruba APs
  • Construction: Flame retardant PC/ABS plastic. All PC/ABS components are white. 18 gauge galvanized steel T-bar
  • Size: 13 x 13 x 4 in.
  • Assembled in the USA


  • (1) Base Enclosure
  • (1) Removable bottom panel
  • (1) Cover
  • (1) T-Bar Mount
  • (4) Press Pads
  • (10) #6-19 x 3/8 in. Pan Head Thread-Forming Screws for Plastic
  • (4) #4-24 x 1-1/2 in. Pan Head Screws for Sheet Metal
  • (1) Self-Centering 1 in. Trade Size Hole Plug, UL Listed
  • (1) 1 in. Trade Size Conduit Connector

For use with the following Wi-Fi/Small Cell Access Points:

AP110-120, AP20, AP250, AP320M, AP330, AP340-350, AP370
AP-135, AP-205, AP-225, AP-228, AP-303, AP-305, AP-315, AP-325, AP-335, AP-345, AP-505, AP-515, AP-535, AP-615, AP635
1600i, 1700i,2600i, 3500i, 3600i, 3700i Series, 1810 Series, 1815W, 1830i-1850i Series, 2800e-3800e Series with DART Connector, 2800i - 3800i Series, 3700i Series with Hyperlocation antenna, 4800 antenna, 4800 Series, 9155AXI, 9117AX, 9120AXI, 9130AXI
Corning Spidercloud
SCRN-320 - SCRN-220
Extreme Networks
AP305C, AP305i, AP3710i, AP3715i, AP3765i, AP3801i, AP3765i, AP3801i, AP3805i, AP3825i, AP3835i, AP3965i, AP410e, AP410i, AP505i-AP510i, AP510C, AP650
MRE32,34,42, MR52-53
AP21, AP33, AP34, AP41,AP45, BT11
7300 Series and 7025, R310, R320, R510, R550, R610, R850
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